Meet our Board

Ray Michaels

Ray Michaels was born and raised in Arizona.   After working and traveling to more than 100 countries around the world, Ray has returned to his first love, serving the People of this great state.  Ray has been in the political arena since attending Arcadia High School and has ran for elected office during that time.  Ray has had the honor to serve the Republican Party as a P.C., State Committeeman, Candidate and as Chair for Legislative District 8.  He believes and honors our founding father documents including the Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution and Arizona State Constitution and will fight for individual Rights, Liberties and Freedoms that are gifted by God.  He will continue to serve the Lord in all he does and is determined to represent the People with duty, integrity and righteousness, holding all elected officials accountable to their constituents.

Barry Paceley
1st Vice Chair

A Patriotic Christian, who has been happily married to Joan for 27 years, they have 3 amazing adult children, a wonderful daughter in-law and a lovely granddaughter.  Barry is a native Arizonan, Reagan Conservative, a 45-year business owner, is currently elected SRP Councilman, Precinct Committeeman, State Committeemen and previously served as the LD28 First Vice Chair.


Randy Helfich
2nd Vice Chair

A Constitutional conservative who believes there are process and corruption issues in the Arizona voting system. Randy knocked on 2000+ doors for the 2020 Trump campaign and worked poll locations multiple days. In 2021 he was asked to become a PC in LD 26. 2022 Gathered 100’s of signatures working with General Mick McGuire and Shiry Sapir, an in 2023 became a state committeeman, precinct captain, received the outstanding PC award and was elected to 2nd Vice Chair in LD8 on May 2023. He observed signature verification at MCTEC and voting for the Tempe 301, 302,303 Propositions. Randy has served as a senior manager in Wastewater Compliance since 1988, committee member of Riders USA a 2nd Amendment, border protection, and has been a Veterans advocate since 2021. My goal is to inform, encourage and empower voters with truth and facts to make good Constitutional choices for “We the People”.

Joanne Smith
4th Vice Chair

Joanne is Constitutional conservative who was motivated after being a poll observer in the 2020 election; she became active in politics soon after this in January 2021 as a Precinct Committeemen in LD24, now LD8 and is a State Committeemen. She has volunteered on numerous levels to be an agent of change working on the Maricopa County audit of the Nov 3rd Election, helped canvassing efforts for the Kari Lake campaign, being a poll observer and working on the voter ID ballot initiative. Joanne has lived in Scottsdale since the early 1990’s. She has been in advertising and marketing for 25 years, helping clients create successful campaigns through branding and increasing awareness using multi-level platforms. As 4th Vice Chair, Joanne desires to serve LD8 to turn our legislative district red and increase conservative votes for 2024. We need to be initiative-taking in our means of reaching conservatives and independents with a simple, consistent message to convert to actual votes.

Vicki Alger

Vicki is a lifelong, vintage (pro-life) Goldwater Republican who’s served as a PC since 2015. She also serves as a State Committeeman and was recognized as a 2023 Outstanding PC. As Secretary, Vicki strives to ensure her fellow PCs have accurate, timely information and supports LD8 efforts recruiting and electing principled Republican candidates.

David M Alger, Sr

Dave Alger is laser-focused on serving the candidates and precinct committeemen of LD8, maximizing our ability to elect Republican candidates at all levels. He brings extensive experience as a volunteer non-profit financial officer providing financial management, compliance, and accountability services to multiple charitable and political organizations. He has built up real-world campaign finance experience learned first-hand as a candidate for Legislature during the 2018 and 2020 Arizona primary and general elections. Dave leads by example, having directly supported numerous Arizona candidates with his time, talent, and treasure.